#5thoughts for creating concept or content


Socialization and engagement are part of your foundation.
They create the purpose for the DNA of your content.


The torchbearer creates the spark.
The story and personas gathers people around the campfire.
Brands and specially personal brands are highlighted and they can get the ultimate exposure.


Community building is started in the very early phase – even with the birth of the idea.
By crowdsourcing, you engage the public to receive results.
Without the community your content turns into a noise.


Production of content is a continuous process.
Devote adequate resources.
Community deserves all your attention.


The content, production and processes are transparent.
The world you create is open and honest.
Transparency also applies to the communication.

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Image: http://lifepointegroups.com
Image: http://lifepointegroups.com

The author is the Social TV Producer. Martti Lindholm writes about phenomena, analyzing, social media services and integrating them into the content.

Featured image: http://pichost.me

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